Best Types of Incenses to be Burnt

Incense Burning has got several powerful benefits. One important thing to keep in mind is that burning low-quality incense can be very dangerous to health. Because they are actually pollutant that affects your lungs. Use high quality incense if you want to burn incense sticks for its pleasant aroma and aromatic properties.

Incenses for meditation reduces stress and most of the people believe that different types of incenses reduces negative energy, reduces tension. Use incense for prayer and meditation is followed since ancient history. Burning of incense is a common practice in many families and in most of the temples in Asia

The effective benefits of some of the best type of incense brands includes:

– Frankincense for cleansing:

It is a incense made up of pure, natural ingredients. This is meant for relaxation, stress release and meditation.
Different types of incense affects people differently. Some like the Frankincense, Sandalwood, Amber and cage.

Frankincense sticks is the best incense for creating meditative space. Best suitable for yoga and meditation

– Sandalwood for relaxing:

This incense has been used from at least 4000 years for its benefits. It helps in relaxation with its excellent scent that brings peace and harmony

Nag Champa, Sunrise, Sandalwood, Patchouli are the different types of incenses available for sleep and meditation.

Cinnamon incense is helpful for balancing emotions

– Patchouli incense helps to lift your spirits providing peaceful atmosphere away from disturbance
– Amber incense helps you for spiritual elevation also known as the king of scents.
– Cedar and sage for spreading positive energy.

Make sure you’re buying a best quality agarbatti and get the best out of it.