World’s largest incense makers in India

We are one of the world’s largest incense makers. With a customer base present in more than 40 countries around the globe, to China, Japan, Indonesia, & Middle east. We manufacture incense of various types in perspective of size and smells our incense sticks comes in 8, 10 and 16 inches both dry & wet, The Scents, Materials & Oils we supply are 100% organic which make our incense sticks best for Yoga & Aromatherapy. Our incense sticks are made from various scents from around the world like, Jasmine, Champa, lavender, Dragon blood and 60+ other scents. Suitable to any occasion.

The two scents which have huge demand in international markets.

Champa : This bloom typically found in the central America, India, the Caribbean & Mexico, also called as Plumeria. comes in Apocynaceae family under Kingdom Plantae. This flower was known for its strong aroma. Champa is one of the largest used scent in Incense products like Incense cones, Coil & Sticks of all sizes.

There are more than 6 widely available champa flowers, most of them are spring and rainy season trees. The tree come in different colors like Red & Yellow. The scent of Champa is tranquil. It is pervasive for its delicate aroma which has been a big part of Indian culture.

SandalWood : Sandalwood is a sort of tree from the family Santalum, these trees are yellow and highly aromatic, which are known for their significant scent which they pass on for a significant long time, These trees have been used from several years by all religions around the world for various reasons.

Sandalwood oil which has unprecedented demand over the globe due its favorable aroma, in from many centuries sandalwood has been used as skin care & aromatherapy products, hence its was later used to make soaps & creams. Which has been used for the same for centuries.

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