World’s largest incense makers in India

We are one of the world’s largest incense makers. With a customer base present in more than 40 countries around the globe, to China, Japan, Indonesia, & Middle east. We manufacture incense of various types in perspective of size and smells our incense sticks comes in 8, 10 and 16 inches both dry & wet, The Scents, Materials & Oils we supply are 100% organic which make our incense sticks best for Yoga & Aromatherapy. Our incense sticks are made from various scents from around the world like, Jasmine, Champa, lavender, Dragon blood and 60+ other scents. Suitable to any occasion.

The two scents which have huge demand in international markets.

Champa : This bloom typically found in the central America, India, the Caribbean & Mexico, also called as Plumeria. comes in Apocynaceae family under Kingdom Plantae. This flower was known for its strong aroma. Champa is one of the largest used scent in Incense products like Incense cones, Coil & Sticks of all sizes.

There are more than 6 widely available champa flowers, most of them are spring and rainy season trees. The tree come in different colors like Red & Yellow. The scent of Champa is tranquil. It is pervasive for its delicate aroma which has been a big part of Indian culture.

SandalWood : Sandalwood is a sort of tree from the family Santalum, these trees are yellow and highly aromatic, which are known for their significant scent which they pass on for a significant long time, These trees have been used from several years by all religions around the world for various reasons.

Sandalwood oil which has unprecedented demand over the globe due its favorable aroma, in from many centuries sandalwood has been used as skin care & aromatherapy products, hence its was later used to make soaps & creams. Which has been used for the same for centuries.

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Purpose of Incense Sticks and Cones

The lion’s share of us trust that sarathi incense can be used for supernatural capacity or to spruce up your rooms to eat up fragrances. Nearby this bursting incense has diverse physical and mental focal points which are still dark to various around the globe. Blasting incense sticks conveys different smells at better places for different events. It can be used for different purposes to loosen up, for religious purposes, or in case we basically wish to value the incense fragrance.

Few tips to be taken after while using incense sticks:

– Avoid keeping incense near the ignitable material.

– Make usage of incense sticks holder to accumulate red hot remains.

– Make without question incense sticks are singed in ventilated room since it might affect people with breathing issues.

Sarathi Incense sticks are used for various medications. At the point when it’s burned smell spreads discernible all around and makes loosening up atmosphere and gives a calming effect to the mind moreover helps in consideration get ready and reduces wretchedness. At whatever point you are judiciously centered around, you can use the incense sticks, helps you loosen up and feel better this is one of the basic preferences of incense. It makes shocking air which helps you to take out skin hypersensitivities, sterilizes the air and restores the earth whether it might be home or office. There are various sorts of agarbatti brands available with different aroma, for instance, lavender, jasmine, rose, shoe and some more, so select the best flavor that suits you.

Regardless of whether you wish to pick incense sticks, burners or any incense things, it can give you store of focal points that can upgrade your mind, prosperity, associations moreover fills your home with loosening up smells. It helps you to change your perspective, increase motivation, sureness and constructs obsession level, diminishes cerebral torment and some more.

Important Reasons for Why to use Incense

It’s worth knowing why incense has been regularly used for centuries across various religions. One of the most important reasons why incense sticks are used is to purify the air and it has an extra-ordinary effect on the mind. Aroma incense sticks offers tranquility to the senses. Many incense ingredients are used as medicine all over the world.

So how do you use the perfect incense for you? First consider what use you want to get it from the incense, find all non-toxic, natural, hand-rolled incense and  aroma that is best for you.

Some other reasons includes:

– For practicing yoga:

  Use yoga incense sticks to keep you away from the artificial fragrance . It helps you to  create peaceful environment also brings calming effect.

– For meditation: Incense offers tranquility to your senses.

– For unwinding yourselves from the outside world: It helps you to connect yourself, helps to understand you more from this busy world.

– To strengthen your spirituality:

  Incense has been used to uplift the spirit, heighten the senses and bring peace and harmony to mind.

– For inspiration:

 There are certain aromas that helps you get inspired.

– To increase awareness

  – Helps in healing: has proved as one of the best way for healing.

On the whole incense is considers as one of the best natural medicine for all.

Benefits of Frankincense

Best Incense fragrances are available in the market in various forms such as oils, incense sticks, dhoop, cones, perfumes and many more. Frankincense is one among them. It is obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia. It comes in many forms and best quality based on its color, purity, age and shape.

Frankincense is one of the common type of essential oil used in aromatherapy which has got huge benefits such as:

1. It can be used as a stress reliever:

It is proved as a best stress reliever. Add few drops of its oil to hot water for stress relief. It can also be used as a vaporizer. There is a belief that frankincense helps to increase spiritual connection.

2. Relieves Indigestion: Mix 1-2 drops of oil with 1 tablespoon of honey of gastrointestinal relief.

3. It can be used as an Natural oral product. Helps to prevent dental health issues such as tooth decay, bad breath, cavities.

4. Household cleaner: This oil helps you o eliminate bacteria and viruses from your home.

5. It helps to protect skin cells from acne’s and also prevent wrinkles

7. It can be also used as a medicine for flu.

8. It also helps to boost your immune power to fight against various diseases.

9. Major benefits of Frankincense is it helps to fight against deadly disease cancer.

10. Also helps in Balancing hormone levels in the body

11. Helps you fall asleep if you are an insomniac.

These are major benefits of Frankincense. It is available in various forms and is one of the popular, best selling incense in the world.

Why Nag Champa Fragrance?

Nag Champa one of the fragrance from Indian Origin. It has become one of the most popular incenses in the world. It is known for its long lasting fragrance. It is effective incense that will help your spirit to stay happy. It is made of various resins, gums, essential oils with different mixture of natural incense such as lavender, vanilla, sandalwood, cinnamon and many more which is not only used for incense but also oils, candles and soap. In India Nag Champa used in many temples in the form of Agarbatti from lots of devotees. Since its a well known incense it is readily available everywhere.

Some people choose to create a peaceful atmosphere in home, by burning Nag Champa incense creates a spiritual space in your home and helps in meditation. Nag Champa sticks or cones burns slowly spreading the fragrance and allow you to gather your time for meditation.

Apart from this it has got various health benefits such as anti-inflammatory qualities useful against acne and eczema. It energizes the immune system and regulates healthy functioning of liver and kidneys. It also aids in relaxation, reducing stress. It has become very popular in yoga classes which helps to create peaceful atmosphere and many more. Because of its various beneficial qualities it is popular worldwide.

History Behind the Incense Origin

Incense , rightly been called the father of Modern Aromatherapy. It was first bought to China by a monk and has been widely used in religious as well as medical fields. It has been extensively used in several countries such as China, Japan, Arabia, Egypt, India, Greece, Rome and many more. It has got a beneficial effects on mind and body.

Manufacturing of incense combines aromatic ingredients which requires a flame or heat source. Basically the ingredients are grounded into powder and then burnt to release the aroma. Incense materials are available in various forms such as incense sticks, cones, fragrance oils and many more each having its own benefits.

In modern days incenses are used for various purposes following the ancient tradition of incense. It is available in various different flavors such as lavender, jasmine, sandalwood each spreading unique aromas and having several benefits.

There are some scientific benefits of incense, when we smell something, molecules of the substances that we smell travel through nose and the mucous membranes right to the olfactory neurons. For there nerve impulses move to brain and from there to central nervous system. Therefore there are chances that certain smells do result in some physical events. Incense can help to refresh the atmosphere, to reduce anxiety, fear and stress, to renew energy, to get rid of insomnia, meditation, helps in healing. Develop the use of incense which was followed by ancients, and allow the fragrance smoke from incense to relax your mind.