Why Nag Champa Fragrance?

Nag Champa one of the fragrance from Indian Origin. It has become one of the most popular incenses in the world. It is known for its long lasting fragrance. It is effective incense that will help your spirit to stay happy. It is made of various resins, gums, essential oils with different mixture of natural incense such as lavender, vanilla, sandalwood, cinnamon and many more which is not only used for incense but also oils, candles and soap. In India Nag Champa used in many temples in the form of Agarbatti from lots of devotees. Since its a well known incense it is readily available everywhere.

Some people choose to create a peaceful atmosphere in home, by burning Nag Champa incense creates a spiritual space in your home and helps in meditation. Nag Champa sticks or cones burns slowly spreading the fragrance and allow you to gather your time for meditation.

Apart from this it has got various health benefits such as anti-inflammatory qualities useful against acne and eczema. It energizes the immune system and regulates healthy functioning of liver and kidneys. It also aids in relaxation, reducing stress. It has become very popular in yoga classes which helps to create peaceful atmosphere and many more. Because of its various beneficial qualities it is popular worldwide.


History Behind the Incense Origin

Incense , rightly been called the father of Modern Aromatherapy. It was first bought to China by a monk and has been widely used in religious as well as medical fields. It has been extensively used in several countries such as China, Japan, Arabia, Egypt, India, Greece, Rome and many more. It has got a beneficial effects on mind and body.

Manufacturing of incense combines aromatic ingredients which requires a flame or heat source. Basically the ingredients are grounded into powder and then burnt to release the aroma. Incense materials are available in various forms such as incense sticks, cones, fragrance oils and many more each having its own benefits.

In modern days incenses are used for various purposes following the ancient tradition of incense. It is available in various different flavors such as lavender, jasmine, sandalwood each spreading unique aromas and having several benefits.

There are some scientific benefits of incense, when we smell something, molecules of the substances that we smell travel through nose and the mucous membranes right to the olfactory neurons. For there nerve impulses move to brain and from there to central nervous system. Therefore there are chances that certain smells do result in some physical events. Incense can help to refresh the atmosphere, to reduce anxiety, fear and stress, to renew energy, to get rid of insomnia, meditation, helps in healing. Develop the use of incense which was followed by ancients, and allow the fragrance smoke from incense to relax your mind.